From a broad perspective, any insurance plan is intended to protect the policyholder in the event that certain unforeseen circumstances arise. Without an insurance policy, a great deal of financial and legal costs can often be incurred. Thus, insurance can be viewed as a means to safeguard an individual against damages, legal fees, medical costs and any other expenses. This is the primary reason that such policies are considered essential in a variety of instances. Of course, the types of packages and their mechanisms will vary in relation to the situations themselves. So, let us examine some of the primary forms of insurance within the United Kingdom

Lifestyle insurance is one of the main categories. This will provide coverage for a range of personal situations. Some common examples can include policies such as health insurance, life insurance, travel insurance and pet insurance. Such packages will offer varying levels of coverage and one of the main purposes of lifestyle insurance is to provide financial remuneration to the policyholder in the event of an injury, an illness or a death.

Vehicle insurance is legally obligatory for all motorists within the United Kingdom. Common examples can be protection geared towards motorbikes, cars and vans. This sector can be slightly commercial, as one with multiple vehicles (such as a business owner) can insure multiple vehicles under a fleet policy. As mentioned previously, the types of coverage will be determined by the use of the vehicles in question.

Business insurance is the third broad category. Public liability insurance is the most basic form; offering protection against any third-party claims against the organisation in question.

Professional indemnity insurance is designed to cover a professional or business which provides advice to its customer base. Any legal costs or claims of third-party damages are addressed under this umbrella package.

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