Natural gas is one of the most popular and efficient forms of heating throughout the United Kingdom. While some homes will be provided with separate tanks that need to be changed from time to time, it is most common for gas mains to be used. The advantage here is that that the household will have an unlimited source for all of its heating needs. The customer will normally be billed on a monthly basis and most plans are annual.

Provider Contract Name Price Promise Average Cost
nPower Standard Variable £705.00 More info
E.ON Standard Variable £668.00 More info
SSE Standard Variable £672.00 More info
Scottish Power Online Fixed Price Energy April 2018 Fixed Until April 2018 £211.00 More info

Types of Gas Plans

All plans will include a standard monthly maintenance charge and these will thereafter be billed according to actual consumption. Depending upon the package in question, base rates will vary from provider to provider. Although there will always be the choice to enjoy standard packages, most companies will offer “bundled” plans that will save the homeowner an additional amount of money while offering the benefit of other services.

Some of the coverage options are annual boiler repairs, the installation of a proprietary heating unit, central heating maintenance and even electrical services. As these plans are considered to be quite modular in nature, the customer can pick and choose which options are the best for their discrete situation.

Factors to Take Into Account

As these plans are very flexible, one’s budget will be the first variable to take into account. It is important to keep in mind that base rates may not reflect the actual monthly surcharges and during the winter months, bills can dramatically increase. Also, there may be times when a company will charge what is known as an estimated bill. This is done in locations where an accurate reading cannot take place. Thus, an estimate may not reflect that physical consumption rates for a time period. Finding a company that will allow an online submission is a wise option in this case.

Also, choosing various renewable energy incentives supplied by the government of the United Kingdom is an excellent way to save money throughout the year. There are various forms of these schemes and these could prove to be of great benefit. Services can range from boiler replacement to the addition of cavity wall insulation; all at reduced prices.

How to Get the Best Deal

The easiest way to obtain the most appreciable rates is through the use of third-party comparison websites. Various plans can be contrasted while the pricing schemes can be made quite clear. Some other steps to encounter agreeable prices include:

  • Determining if prices will rise after an introductory offer.
  • Understanding all of the terms and conditions.
  • Appreciating the consumption limits of the plan in question.

These are some of the factors to keep in mind when choosing the best natural gas provider.