We have come to rely upon gas and electricity in these modern times. From keeping us warm and cooking our food to providing us with light and the ability to read this very article, such utilities are now the cornerstones of our society. However, not all companies will offer the same levels of service and some are obviously more expensive than others. Many consumers within the United Kingdom have considered switching providers from time to time. This can lower monthly costs while providing superior levels of customer service.

What is Dual Fuel?

There is a tendency in recent times for consumers to choose what is known as a dual fuel plan. As the name hints, this is the policy of choosing only one supplier (such as British Gas) for both gas and electricity. There are a few fundamental reasons why this is a popular alternative. First, the ability to deal with a single provider will vastly simplify the payment process. Also, there are numerous incentives which enable you to enjoy reduced tariffs or cash-back offers. These would not be possible when dealing with multiple companies. Over time, these savings and benefits can quickly add up.

How to Get the Best Deal on Your Gas and Electricity Services

Thanks to the Internet, you now have the ability to compare and contrast different providers with the simple click of a button. This is by far the most effective way to save substantial costs. Many price comparison sites exist and as each is quite objective, you can quickly see the “bottom line” in terms of cost. However, there are a few additional methods to keep in mind in addition to this and the dual fuel alternative.

Take a look at the green incentive programmes offered by the United Kingdom government. These are intended to help you reduce energy costs with the use of modern appliances. In fact, there are even times when such new equipment will be installed for free after a cash-back incentive. Your tariffs will be lower and as such appliances are energy efficient, you will save additionally money in the months and years to follow. If you are unsure if you qualify, it is a good idea to speak with your local council. They can place you in contact with companies that can provide you with an accurate (and often free) assessment of the property.

How to Save Money on Your Bills

Saving money is all about economy. In other words, always be sure to turn off common appliances such as lights when you are not in a room. Should you leave for work and no one else is at home, turn down the thermostat to an agreeable setting. This will help to reduce needless heating costs until you return. A few other wise guidelines to follow are:

  • Consider switching to low-wattage light bulbs as opposed to using the traditional incandescent variety.
  • Check the insulation of your home; you may be literally heating the outdoors if it is not properly installed.
  • Have boilers and furnaces inspected at least every six months. This will guarantee that they are running efficiently throughout the year.