Throughout the United Kingdom (and indeed around the world), the concept of saving energy has become quite important. The reasons for this paradigm shift are twofold. First, our planet only has a limited number of resources. Increased consumption has placed an unprecedented demand on these materials. However, the benefits from a consumer point of view are just as viable. Adopting efficient and cleaner forms of energy will save homes and businesses thousands of pounds each year. So, the financial motivation to switch to “green” technologies has never been greater.

Solar Panels

Otherwise known as photovoltaic cells, solar panels employ the energy of the sun itself to generate electricity around the home. In most cases, these novel devices are placed upon the roof of a structure at an angle that will receive the most sun. Thereafter, they will generate a sustainable and predictable amount of clean energy. Modern panels are drastically more efficient than those manufactured only a handful of years ago. In fact, there are many homes throughout the United Kingdom that will contribute excess energy back into the grid itself.

By offering an independent means of generating power, less mains electricity will be used. Therefore, a considerable amount of money can be saved on a monthly basis. In fact, this can equate to thousands of pounds per year. As the price of the average solar panel has dropped significantly, the return on investment that such devices offer has never been greater.

Boiler and Loft Insulation

Within any home, proper insulation is critical in providing a barrier against heat loss. There are various forms of insulation and each will serve its own unique purpose. Still, there are certain areas of a home that are at a higher risk than others. Of particular concern (especially for those living in colder environments) are boilers and lofts. A boiler can lose heat through an uninsulated storage tank or improperly protected pipes. As heat rises, lofts that do not contain adequate levels of insulation will also cost the homeowner a great deal of money.

Insulating both of these areas is quick and easy. Thankfully, the cost of the insulation itself is quite agreeable and most tasks can be completed within a single day. In the case of a boiler, water will heat faster and remain warmer for longer. An insulated loft will offer a comfortable living environment while saving untold amounts of money each year.

Other Energy Saving Tips

A handful of other ways to decrease energy consumption are:

  • Sealing any drafts around the periphery of windows.
  • Replacing old appliances.
  • Turning down the thermostat when not at home.

Not only will this advice save a great deal of money, but it will help to protect the environment as well.