Some of us have had the term “Bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency”.  Indeed, these are not ideas spawned from the mind of a science fiction writer.  These are actually the newest form of digital currencies available on the marketplace.  What exactly are these methods, why are they important concepts to keep in mind and what do you […]

Equity release is a form of money management available to older home-owners that involves borrowing a sum of money against the value of the home. It is usually only available to people over the age of fifty-five and sometimes considerably older. There are, broadly speaking, two main forms of equity release loan. Lifetime Mortgage With […]

For those who are interested in a trading position which does not necessarily hold the same risk as open-market investments such as traditional stocks or Forex markets, commodities are a worthwhile alternative. One of the main benefits is that commodities are seen as benchmarks against overall market conditions while they are not (normally) subject to […]

While many of us are familiar with the term ‘stocks and shares’, not all of us understand how trading stocks and shares works. Shares, synonymous with equities, represent part ownership of a PLC (Public Limited Company). This means that when you purchase a share, you are becoming a joint owner of the company alongside other […]

Sometimes abbreviated as FX, Forex is has garnered much popularity in the UK in recent years. Indeed, it is the most traded market in the world as it turns over more than $4 trillion every day. In the foreign exchange market investors speculate and trade on currencies around the world. Forex trading is affected by […]

Cash ISAs are a type of savings account that benefit from tax relief. Recently, the amount that you can invest tax free per financial year has been changed from £5,940.00 to £15,240. Following these changes, cash ISAs are now known as New ISAs, or NISAs. Top 4 Cash ISA Accounts Provider Interest Rate Min/Max Opening […]

One of the benefits of a traditional ISA is that any funds invested will accrue a somewhat predictable amount of wealth. During this time, all of the profits realised are not subject to capital gains or income tax. However, there is a specific type of ISA that is known as an instant-access ISA. This plan […]

An investment ISA (Individual Savings Account) is a common financial vehicle that will enable one to invest his or her money into certain market sectors during the lifetime of the plan. The main point to appreciate is that within this period, no income or capital gains taxes will be paid on the profits that may […]

A pension is one of the most common and most useful financial plans that will provide a predictable source of income upon retirement. In general, the way they operate is relatively straightforward. Throughout one’s life (primarily during employment), an individual will contribute a certain amount towards a pension during each pay cycle. When the retirement […]

Savings accounts are perhaps one of the most familiar financial vehicles in the entire banking sector. As the name denotes, a savings account will allow a customer to place a certain amount of money aside to be used at a later date or when is necessary. Of course, two of the main benefits of such […]