Although there is no doubt that traditional financial vehicles such as loans can provide us with a substantial amount of cash, there are other possibilities to consider.  One option which has featured prominently in recent timers is an alternative called peer-to-peer lending.  Often abbreviated as P2P lending, this is a unique method that is associated […]

Personal loans are some of the most important (and common) financial vehicles that are used to obtain necessary liquidity. The mechanics are quite simple. A borrower will approach a lender and request a certain amount of money. After determining the risk that the customer may pose, the lender will either approve or deny this request. […]

PPI is an acronym for Payment Protection Insurance. This is a type of insurance package which guarantees the policyholder that a sum of money will be paid if he or she is not able to work due to an illness, an injury or even a death. However, this policy has often been misrepresented or sold […]

A business loan is an excellent means to provide what may certainly prove to be much-needed liquidity into any enterprise or organisation. Like other types of loans, this vehicle will supply a certain amount of money in the form of a lump sum. Thereafter, the business will need to make scheduled payments that include interest. […]

There are often times when a consumer will need access to a source of short-term liquidity. This may be to pay an outstanding bill or to perform emergency repairs on a home. Unfortunately, those with poor credit may be precluded from applying for a traditional loan. Logbook loans are a possible alternative, as these will […]