Do you still think of the NHS as your cure-all for every medical woe? If so, you are within a shrinking minority. While there is no doubt that the NHS still provides much-needed services, it may very well be becoming a shell of its’ former self. Let us take a look at some undeniable facts […]

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Accident claims are seen by many as representing a particularly broad category. To make things simple, these types of actions can be summarised as the ability to claim some form of compensation if you or your possessions were harmed as a result of a situation that was not your fault. Within the United Kingdom, this […]

Legally speaking, all drivers will need to make certain that their vehicle is covered by some form of insurance policy. Not only will such protection provide ample coverage in the event of an accident, but other instances such as fire, theft or glass damage are also frequently addressed. Like any insurance policy, vehicle insurance is […]

When planning a holiday, travel insurance probably won’t be the first thing that you think about. However, being insured can give you assurance that there will be help available should you need it. Travel insurance can provide financial compensation in the event of a cancelled or delayed holiday, as well as providing assistance if you […]

In the business world, any claim filed in relation to a breach in professional conduct can cost a great deal of time, aggravation and money. This is indeed the case regardless of whether the claim is valid or it is found to be unfounded. Not only is the business owner in question held responsible, but […]

Although life and health insurance are quite familiar to most, only those with a pet understand the importance of a pet insurance plan. These policies are designed to financially cover the owner in the event that a pet needs medical treatment for any number of conditions. Much like a plan designed for humans, this insurance […]

Much like driving a vehicle, it is essential to possess insurance when operating a motorbike within the United Kingdom. In fact, this is generally even more pertinent, for injuries that may occur as a result of an accident can be grievous and even deadly. So, motorbike insurance is a popular form of protection that should […]

Life insurance can be viewed as one of the most familiar forms of insurance. This plan involves an underwriter (insurer) providing financial remuneration to a client in the event that he or she passes away. In any of these cases, there will be beneficiaries (such as loved ones) that can be financially compensated. Periodic payments […]

Landlord insurance is a type of property coverage that will protect the owner against accidents, damages and other unforeseen circumstances when renting out a home or apartment. This is actually a critical policy to keep in mind, for an uninsured landlord can be at risk of massive financial losses and costly legal processes. As with […]