We all make it a point to keep track of the balance within our bank accounts and to ensure that we have enough funds to pay monthly bills.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case in regards to credit scores.  The simple fact of the matter is that credit scores can impact our sense of […]

Some of us have had the term “Bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency”.  Indeed, these are not ideas spawned from the mind of a science fiction writer.  These are actually the newest form of digital currencies available on the marketplace.  What exactly are these methods, why are they important concepts to keep in mind and what do you […]

Although there is no doubt that traditional financial vehicles such as loans can provide us with a substantial amount of cash, there are other possibilities to consider.  One option which has featured prominently in recent timers is an alternative called peer-to-peer lending.  Often abbreviated as P2P lending, this is a unique method that is associated […]

Things in life do not always go as planned.  Perhaps you have just gone through a messy divorce and need a bit of extra cash.  Or, you might have received a job promotion and are required to relocate to a different part of the country.  These are two of the many reasons why you may […]

Do you still think of the NHS as your cure-all for every medical woe? If so, you are within a shrinking minority. While there is no doubt that the NHS still provides much-needed services, it may very well be becoming a shell of its’ former self. Let us take a look at some undeniable facts […]

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Accident claims are seen by many as representing a particularly broad category. To make things simple, these types of actions can be summarised as the ability to claim some form of compensation if you or your possessions were harmed as a result of a situation that was not your fault. Within the United Kingdom, this […]

Equity release is a form of money management available to older home-owners that involves borrowing a sum of money against the value of the home. It is usually only available to people over the age of fifty-five and sometimes considerably older. There are, broadly speaking, two main forms of equity release loan. Lifetime Mortgage With […]